The Top Five Writers That Have Inspired Me

Top Five Writers

With the publication of my first novel right around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to list the top five writers that have inspired me. I haven’t limited this to authors alone. This list encompasses writers from TV, novels and films.

1. Lena Dunham

Though I’ve yet to discover her previous work, Lena Dunham’s writing style for the TV show ‘Girls’ is a masterclass for me. Especially during the earlier days when I was trying to flush out the characters in my story. Sharp, witty and brutally honest dialogue. Great TV.

2. Aaron Sorkin

Predominantly a screenwriter, Sorkin writes with a tone and pacing that is second to none in my opinion. He’s fantastic at balancing humour within his dialogue and creating interesting well rounded characters. He writes with both subtle and blatant political undertone making everything he does food for thought and good for the soul.

3. Alex Garland

For want of a better word; there’s a ‘coolness’ to Garland’s novels and screenplays. He has the ability to write about the future whilst keeping things gritty, current and realistic. If there was a body of work I would strive to match it would be Alex Garland’s.

4. Steven Mofat

I’m a big fan of the BBC’s take on Sherlock, and this isn’t solely thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch. Steven Moffat’s writing for this TV series (and Doctor Who) has been brilliantly complex. Lots of twists and cryptic messaging. I love storytelling where hidden gems are offered throughout the story for the viewer to pick up on (if they’re watching closely).

5. Bryan Elsey

Another specialist in fresh cutting dialogue. Skins and Dates are both fantastic pieces; cult classics, benefiting from his trademark approach to giving each character an episode to shine. Can’t speak highly enough and was very inspiring to watch whilst I was writing.

Anyway, that’s my list… At least for now.

Let me know yours, along with any novels you recommend – I need to read more! #toomuchtv

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