A Game For The Young



For the past two years Ellie Swanson and a team of scientists have devoted their lives to a project. An experiment destined to change the course of history.

When their funding is pulled on the eve of their biggest discovery, the team are left with a choice; abandon everything they have worked towards or continue on in secret.

Conor Martin is a young man, full of hope, beginning his journey at St John’s College, Oxford. With a curious nature and a point to prove, he becomes caught up in an interviewing process like no other.

As paths collide and the true potential of the project is revealed, the impact of their creation is suddenly shaken, concluding in a chilling discovery that will change their lives forever.


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“Curious insight into a topical mind. A little chilling in places. Fascinating!”

“I love this book! It’s thought provoking and packed full of twists and turns. A great read.”

“Packed full of thought-provoking ideas, daring night-time information raids and enough secrets to fill a dozen spy novels, A Game for the Young is deep, insightful and incredibly clever. Science enthusiasts will enjoy its focus on research and experimentation, but there is something for all readers in this novel. The twists and turns are sharp, unexpected and thrilling and will draw the reader in until the final, gripping line.”

“A brilliantly written book that grips you right from the start. The fascinating and ethically challenging plot makes it very hard to put down. A fabulous first novel and looking forward to the next one.”

“One of those books you look forward to picking up all the time… Looking forward to book number two as the first book was brilliant!”

“I could not put this book down. The author has clearly done a considerable amount of research and made a compelling, worrying and fascinating read.”

“Excellent first book from this author. Tempo builds to a real page turner, with twists and turns right up to the last chapter. It will give you a detailed insight into the lives of Oxford students trying to cope with the pressures and moral dilemmas brought on by a truly life changing discovery. I strongly recommend this as a must read and look forward to the next book.”

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