My Top Ten Favourite Movie Scenes

Spoiler warning! Several of these clips contain serious spoilers that will ruin your experience if you’ve not seen the movie.

Closer – “I’m a Phukking Cave Man” (2004):

The Dark Knight – Joker’s Interrogation (2008):

Se7en – The Box (1995):

Good Will Hunting – Park Scene (1997):

The Descent – Movie Ending (2005):

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Finale (1966):

Ali – Ali vs Foreman (2001):

Sunshine – Capa’s Jump (2007 – Scene in film: 1.29.15 – 1.34.22):

Devil’s Advocate – Look But Don’t Touch (1997):

Whiplash – Final Scene (2014):

Do you agree with my list?
What are your favourite movie moments?

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