Page 122-123.

As she said it Conor suddenly leaned forward, breathing heavy and erratic. Ellie could see his expression change, noting it with a smile.

‘Let it grow in your mind. Believe you know.’

He gripped the bench and flinched, briefly closing his eyes only to open them wide. Staring intensely at the ground, he gasped for air.

‘Don’t hold your breath,’ Ellie said, leaning forward.

Like a childhood memory, at first it had felt distant. A feeling he couldn’t explain. A burning muse of fulfilment and yet it was building to pure elation. Something was rising to the surface, a recollection. And then it happened.

An explosion of memories broke through the wall in his mind, pouring through into his conscious, a rush of hormones. Conor’s eyes began to water as he felt his senses increase ten levels, a desire overcoming him to cry out, whether it was to laugh or scream he couldn’t understand. He was suddenly everywhere and anything. The world was limitless.

Ellie could see it in his eyes.

‘The first time is always special.’

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