What inspired you to write a novel?

About five years ago I sat down and wrote a bucket list.
The list included things like learning to play piano, learning to speak french, become a father, run a marathon and a load of other cliché experiences, but the one that immediately stuck out to me was to ‘write a novel’. I already had a few ideas, so I did a bit of research and it just went from there.

What inspired you to write A Game For The Young in particular?

I think I was watching ‘Minority Report’. I realised that (at least for the stories that I’d seen or read) whenever science fiction depicted the ability to transfer data to or from the brain it was always being done in a slick, well established manner.
The technology is always being used as more of a vehicle to support the main plot rather than given its own due credit.
I always thought it would be interesting to tell a gritty realistic account of this technology being invented and explore all the dangers that would entail.

How long did it take you to write?

Four years (on and off). I researched for several months, I edited the novel with Rowanvale Books for almost a year. But in total, start to finish – 4 years.

Why Is It Based In Oxford?

Initially when I began my research, the articles I was reading directed me towards Oxford. I also wanted the characters in my story to be young, slightly reckless, but well educated and focused. Over time they became students at Oxford University.
I also wanted to take of advantage of a city with lots of history and culture. Oxford was great for that.

Will your next story be a sequel to A Game For The Young?

No, I’ve done all I wanted to do with this story and it’s characters.

How was A Game For The Young published?

I used the paperback and ebook publication service provided by Rowanvale Books. They managed the proofreading, helped with editing, designed the front cover, reformatted the text. They also oversee the printing and distribution.

How did you do your research?

The Internet! Google Maps, YouTube, Wikipedia, The Oxford Uni website and a collection of other useful sites. I was also fortunate enough to have a friend who’s sister is a scientist. She was able to make suggestions that helped ensure the novel was kept as realistic as possible.

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