I’d like to say a huge thank you to Laura Cartledge and everyone at Etc Magazine for their support.

In the September issue of Etc Magazine’s Sussex edition, there is a generous two page spread on me as an author and ‘A Game For The Young’ – along with snippets from a telephone interview I had with Laura last month. You can find the article on Pages 108-109.

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Here’s the text:

Quite a tale
LAURA CARTLEDGE discovers the remarkable story which began with a bucket list.
If you see books flying around Bognor Regis, David P. Philip might be to blame.As the author admits, when the box of his first novel arrived, he was tempted to ‘go out and Frisbee it at people – shouting ‘read this, read this’.’
“Everyone talks about that moment but I didn’t give it the credit it deserved,” he confesses. “Then it rocked up and it was amazing.”
A Game For The Young had been five years in the writing and was sparked by David making a bucket list of things he wanted to do.
“I was waiting for something I suppose,” he admits. “Then I read a book about focusing your ambitions, about setting them out rather than just dreaming about them.
“Along with skydiving and all the other clichés, one of mine was to write a novel,” he recalls.
“Because it was the only one which didn’t involve spending a lot of money or booking a holiday I went with it and it grew from there.”
The theme for David’s ‘pet project’ came about because of his long-standing interest in neurobiology.
“Not just how memory and thought patterns work but hallucinations, mindreading and subliminal messages – I find it all fascinating,” he enthuses.
“It was a case of finding a format of a story that would allow me to find out more.
“Then I was watching Minority Report and realised whenever you see anyone interacting with the brain it is always in a real slick and sci-fi way,” adds David. “But I thought the concept itself was big enough so I wanted a very raw story about the impact of something like that happening.”
The result is ‘an intimate story’ which is set against, and explores, a vast background subject.
At the centre of the tale is a group of Oxford students who ‘make a scientific discovery that changes their lives’.
What follows touches on themes of obsession, addiction and abuse of power, and plays with the concept of knowledge being a drug.
“It came about in a very chaotic way,” David smiles. “I read a lot about writing online, the pace, introducing characters, but I think I made every mistake you could.”
Asked if there were any surprises during the process, David says the friendly nature of the book community in general really struck him.
“I found if you want to speak to an author you get a message back quite quickly,” he admits.
“There is a lot of support and free advice, that took me back, it is not quite as competitive as I
feared it would be.
“I also didn’t realise it was so much fun to be creative in that way,” continues David. “It was just great to get stuck in to it – I am really proud of it.”
The experience has led him to feel that ‘everyone should do it’, even if just in terms of improving their grasp of the English language.
“I think everyone has a story. Now I have done it I can’t imagine not having something like this on the go,” he enthuses.
“Whenever I have spoken to people they always say ‘I have an idea’ for a book but it is such a long process, I understand that now.”
As a software company account manager for his day job, David describes becoming an author as being ‘a left turn at the traffic lights’, but credits it with giving him a ‘techie mindset’.
So what has he enjoyed the most?
“It is great when you have a reader you can’t immediately connect with, someone who isn’t a friend of a friend – while you do appreciate them – that is a big rush, you feel you have achieved it and there is a buzz with it,” David replies. “Now the hopes and dreams of being an author full-time are definitely there.”

‘A Game For The Young’ was published on March 31by Rowanvale Books, a paperback copy costs £8.99.
Visit www.rowanvalebooks.com or www.davidpphilip.co.uk for more information.

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